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How Safe Are Registry Cleaners?

Author: Erik Noth
If you want to keep your computer in its top performance you need to use a registry cleaner from time to time. You may wonder how safe a registry cleaner is. Well, that's a common worry which many of us have. Most professional registry cleaners are extremely safe to work with. But we also use the free registry cleaners. So let us discuss how safe it is.

There are mainly two types of risk associated with registry cleaners:-
- Installing a malware infected cleaner after downloading from the internet
- Using a registry cleaner which doesn't provide the backup option
But if you take a little bit of care, you can easily avoid both these errors.
Registry cleaners infected with malware

Many freely downloadable registry cleaners come with some kind of malwares. It may be spyware, adware or some viruses. You know how difficult a virus can make your life. The adware are some program which opens up some ads whenever you visit any internet sites. By this way they increase the traffic at their site but make working difficult for you. Spywares are some tracking programs which can damage your security.

But you can easily protect yourself from these. Use good antivirus software to get rid of the virus. Anti-adware and anti-spyware are also available which can make life easy for you.
Registry cleaning applications without the backup option

Windows registry is a very complex system and even the most expert software can make mistakes while modifying it. The backup option helps you in keeping a back up of your present registry entries. If anything important is deleted and problem occurs, you can always go back to the saved settings. This is how a back up option can help you.
If your registry cleaner comes without this option, reject it. You will not be able to back it up manually every time you clean your registry. So it is best to use a cleaner which offers automatic back up of the registry keys.
Apart from these two problems, it is quite safe to use a registry cleaner. Do not download a cleaner from an unknown source. Try to use a registry cleaner of a reputed brand. Don't get affected by ads and never use a cleaner without backing up your data. Follow these simple advices. And you will never have to worry about the safety of your windows registry cleaner. Just enjoy a computer with its best level of performance.

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