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Uninstall Avira - How To Completely Remove Avira From Your Computer Safely & Easily

By: Alejandro

If you want to Uninstall Avira there is probably a few things you should know first. First of all if you use the standard Windows uninstaller it has actually been known to leave little bits of software on your computer, i.e. it doesn't completely remove programs. This leads to all sorts of errors and possible crashes and over time all the little bits build up and your PC will eventually start to slow down. It's actually one of the main causes of PCs slowing down as they age, just little random bits of software that become impossible to find. Now what's even worse is when you combine this problem with Avira itself as I'll now explain.

The Problems With Avira Anti-Virus

Avira is, as you might be aware, one hell of a stubborn program, it's one of the more aggressive anti-virs programs out there so this causes quite a few problems when you come to Uninstall Avira. Anti-virus software has to be tough, it has to withstand any chance of a virus compromising it so they are built of bricks so to speak. Now as I described earlier about the problems the standard Windows uninstaller has with removing programs and software, you can just imagine what happens when it comes up against Avira. Avira has access to every area of your computer due to its nature, so when a program haphazardly tries to remove it, bits get left everywhere and it can really mess up your PC. What you are going to need is one hell of a dedicated uninstaller software, something like Perfect Uninstaller, which is your best bet due to its free trial, so you can at least see if it works.

Some Features of A Good Uninstaller

If you want to successfully uninstall Avira from Windows, you may want to choose an uninstaller that is seems tailor made for this exact process. You need to choose one which is offers a better and easier way to completely uninstall any unwanted application that say, standard Windows Add/Remove program, can't remove. A good Uninstaller will probably do the following as well:

• clear registry entries and drivers that the applications left over
• show detailed information of a certain application installed in your computer
• can completely remove many applications that are difficult to uninstall such as
• deal with broken registry keys
• can protect your PC from corrupted registry errors
• improve your PC performance and speed

Recommended As A Perfect Uninstaller

A few months ago I came across the Perfect Uninstaller Free Download as it came recommended from friends, it's so simple to use once installed, basically just open the program and it will list all installed programs and software, then you click on one and select uninstall. That's it, Perfect Uninstaller will make sure every trace of the program is gone, my computer has been running faster then ever since using it, it's crazy how much difference a proper uninstaller makes.

So if you really want to ensure you completely Uninstall Avira from your PC Visit: Perfect Uninstaller

About the Author

So if you really want to ensure you completely Uninstall Avira from your PC Visit: Perfect Uninstaller

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Article Source: - Uninstall Avira - How To Completely Remove Avira From Your Computer Safely & Easil