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How to remove personal antivirus program

Author: James Langer
Personal antivirus program, which claims to remove virus from your computer is actually fake antivirus support software. This program brings lots of viruses to your systems and sends out a lot of fake messages about possible viruses in your pc. Next, it prompts you to purchase the new antivirus software to effectively remove virus from computer. The personal antivirus program gives out misleading messages such as – “Your system does not have proper antivirus and in case you do not install it, very soon your system will be damaged and there will be heavy loss of data, and so on.
How Personal Antivirus program reaches your pc?

This Personal Antivirus Program is actually a virus, which enters your pc by Trojan and malware. It can also enter your pc as an attachment. This virus can also enter your pc if you visit certain malicious web sites. Whenever you start windows the next time, this program gets activated. Without your knowledge, it can damage many important system files in your computer. If you want to remove this program from the system, you need to follow the instructions outlined below -

1. Before removing the software from your machine, take back up of your data. In case, anything goes wrong while removing this virus, you can always reinstall the data.

2. Stop the process of the personal antivirus by locating following files and removing them from your pc.


To stop or kill the process, you need to select Cntrl+Alt+Del keys and then select the Process tab followed by 'End Task' option.

3. After the process is stopped, unregister all the related dll files including -

To unregister all the dll files, you need to go to the Command prompt and then type 'cmd' in the run window. Once the dos prompt appears, you need to type:

C:regsvr32 /u filename.dll

This will unregister the file. Next, you need to follow the steps given here for all the given dlls:

4. Now delete all the files from the directory.
Personal Antivirus
This folder can be located anywhere like in program files folder or in local setting folder. You must first find this folder and then delete the files

It is important to remove all the files by following the above mentioned steps. In case, you are unable to do this work on your own, contact a PC repair service, which specializes in providing antivirus support, and offers it services at competitive rates. A good pc repair company will help you remove personal antivirus program from your pc and fix all types of system-related errors too.

James Langer is an expert adviser of Online Technical support. Pccare247 offers best tech support like antivirus support, operating system support, firewall support, apple support, network support, printer support and many more.