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How to Delete/ Remove AV Security Suite Easily and Completely?

By: Tony Brown

Are you annoyed with AV Security Suite numerous popups? Are you trying to remove AV Security Suite but still can't remove it? Now you are at the right place! This article is written for the purpose to help you fully remove AV Security Suite


What's AV Security Suite?

AV Security Suite is a dangerous rogue anti-spyware program that looks like a legitimate antivirus solution but is not one in fact. AV Security Suite was installed by a Trojan that takes advantage of the smallest system vulnerabilities and security splits of the targeted computer. The Trojan also creates and adds new registry entries to system registry and makes the executables of AV Security Suite run with Windows Startup to fulfill its malicious campaign. Once running, AV Security Suite will automatically run a fake system scan. After the scan, AV Security Suite will display numerous infections of exaggerated security threats on your computer and then claim that you should purchase the program in order to remove the infections or threats which don't even exist.


While AV Security Suite is running, you will also find your computer flooded with various alerts stating that your computer is infected with malware. What's more, AV Security Suite may block the security programs installed on your computer for self-protection. Furthermore, AV Security Suite will hijack your browser and block you from visiting security-related websites.


How to Remove AV Security Suite?


If you are going to remove AV Security Suite manually, there are many things to do:



Please note that AV Security Suite manual removal is a procedure of high complexity and should be performed with extreme caution. Lack of the required skills and even the slightest deviation from the instructions may cause irreparable system damage. That's why it's recommended that you remove AV Security Suite with a professional designed removal tool.


A professional designed removal tool can not only remove AV Security Suite but also those malware that hide in your system. And it's not only for one time removal. It can provide you with 100% real time protection and patch your system vulnerabilities so as to prevent your system against potential threats. The infection of AV Security Suite should be attributed to the bad protection of your current antivirus. Now save your time and start to remove AV Security Suite now!

About the Author

Tony Brown is an expert computer technician with many years of experience in the industry. His website provides step by step removal guide of rogue antispyware, Trojans, adware, worms etc. The Best Spyware Removal Tutorial

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Article Source: - How to Delete/ Remove AV Security Suite Easily and Completely?