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Free Anti Virus:
Yes you can keep you computer safe and protected for absolutely free. Below are the links to all the top free anti viruses. This site will keep up with all the best Free AntiVirus software.

Anyone of these downloads is a reasonable choice. But sometimes you may have to try something else, they are free but be careful to choose the correct 100% free download instead of the trial versions. See Viruses Explained also remember that Anti Spyware is essential so check out Free Anti Spyware.
How To Choose Free Anti Virus.

This site will teach you about computer security and show you the many ways of keeping your system clean.

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Avira Anti-Virus:
Avira has surprisingly stayed with the competition because of its history of detection rates. This caught FaceBook attacks that the others missed. It has some annoying popups that have annoyed many. Its latest version has few new features and is mostly unchanged. But its customizable scan technologies is still top rate especially in relation to rootkits. It also has anti spyware detection. An excellent free anti virus for home users. This software is also a basic uninstall application unlike most of the others.
Download Avira Free  

AVG Anti Virus:
This product is free of charge to home users. It has rapid updates for the life time of the software. This recent version is faster and easier to use than the old one. It has a combined Anti Virus and Anti Spyware scanner and is much faster. This also has a basic rootkit detection technology for deep hidden threats. It screens WebPages before you visit them for added security. A short download first then this will allow for the main application download.
Download Avg Free

Avast Anti Virus:
To some this is the most complete Free Anti Virus. It has Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Heuristic Scanning etc. Its real-time protection is very impressive using multiple shields. Its features are low in relation to the paid for version but as a free anti virus it is very good. Also has a good rootkit detection technology.
Download Avast Free (en)

Bitdefender Anti Virus:
This is the free edition of Bitdefender. They are in the process of a later edition. This is an excellent free software. The downside is its not compatible with Vista or later. We have not tested this though.
Download Bitdefender Free Edition

Microsoft Essentials:
This has what is now becoming standard: Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Rootkit detection technologies. The advanced section is fairly basic but has shown good detection rates. Rumors have it that this software is best used with some other form of protection but either way this is a very good free technology to have protecting your system. 
Download Microsoft Essentials

PC Tools Anti-Virus:
This application has a very good name for detection of some of the most stealth viruses and spyware infections. This newer version is faster and less intensive on your system resources.
Download PC Tools Free

ClamWin Anti-Virus:
This in fact is Open Source software and is Free for all to use. The latest version will run on XP and VISTA. This has an excellent scan and detect engine with excellent database definitions and automatic updates but it will not automatically scan new files so you should scan newly downloaded files. This scan on demand is in most of the other suites.
The interface and features are not as good as some of the others but for absolutely free its hard to beat.
Download ClamWin Free AntiVirus

Comodo Anti-Virus:
Now famous for its free Firewall program this is a comprehensive free protection suite. Some people do not like the fact you cannot separate the Anti Virus from the Firewall so you must install both of them. Also there is some adware like etc. It offers extensive protection from viruses and spyware and with customizable firewall settings this is a powerful free protection suite.
Download Comodo Free

ThreatFire Anti-Virus:
This free protection works by using a behavioral technology and can in fact detect long before damage is done. Because of this it’s a relatively small download as it’s not the full anti virus application that most of the others need. Also because of this it does not use up much of your system resources and does not affect your pc performance like others. But in reality this should be used as an added protection with some other form of anti virus not least because it may not use a proven definition of a threat.
Download ThreatFire Free Protection

Panda Cloud Antivirus:
A new free anti virus from Panda. This is easy on your computer resources and has fast scanning times. You can also do a custom scan.
Download Panda Cloud Antivirus

F-Secure Easy Clean:
A technology by F-Secure; a large download but includes a large database of definitions. This does not seem to be known as a direct from usb application; but the .exe does run directly from usb. They state for best results run this application in Safe Mode with Networking.
Download F-Secure

Free Mcafee Stinger Antivirus:
Review to come: Download Stinger Antivirus

Review to come: Download Zenok Free

Dr.WEB CureIt – Stand Alone AntiVirus Utility:
This stand-alone works directly from USB drive and can detect and removal all the common versions of malware.
Download Dr.WEB CureIt Free

Clam Anti-Virus:
Clam AntiVirus is a free Anti-Virus toolkit for UNIX.
Clam Free Anti Virus

Immunet Protect Free:
Normally its not a good idea to run multiple protection programs but Immunet runs alongside other protection suites quite well. Has all the major tools needed to protect your system and its free.
Download Immunet Protect Free

In the case for many anti virus programs they are not as popular as the rest, but this is a very respectable free protection program.
Download Digital-Defender Free