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Free Anti Spyware:
Anti Spyware is now as important an addition to your home or business security than Anti Virus. While Anti Virus was busy dealing with bad code being passed through the internet etc, Anti Spyware companies were busy dealing with the legit software that had sneaky advertisements etc. This of course got completely out of control and now Anti Spyware is a part of almost all the Anti Virus vendors. The good news is there are plenty of Free Anti Spyware for you to choose from see the links below. Spyware Explained. Also Remember to check out Free Anti Virus
How To Choose Free Anti Spyware.

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Lavasoft Adaware:

One of the first Anti Spyware programs and has an excellent track record in cleaning computers for absolutely free. The latest version is much faster to install through the boot cycle. Older versions were very slow to scan but these later versions have short scans as quick as 10 minutes. The free version does offer rootkit protection but it does not offer behavioral heuristic technology or real-time registry scanning. The paid for version will in fact run slower because of the Anti Virus engine and extra features but they are significant extras.
AdAware Website

Windows Defender:

A full working Anti Spyware and Malware protection program from Microsoft. This does not hold back on features and will give real-time protection that some of the other free version do not. This technology is base on Giant Anti-Spyware. Windows Defender is mainly replaced by Microsoft Security Essentials but it is still available for download and is a favorite for many people not least for its real-time protection. Defender will install and run on Vista but we have not tested this on Windows 7.
Windows Defender Website

Spybot Search and Destroy:

For many people this is the first and most popular free anti spyware. This free software created by a studying student has received many a highly respected reward for its malware detection and protection. This has now got an Anti Rootkit technology included with its real-time protection. This software is not intended as an Anti Virus but does catch some Trojans. Some of the top Anti Virus programs like Norton will in fact uninstall this software while installing itself so beware. Also beware of the fake anti spyware that have cloned this on many occasions.
Spybot Website


Usually looked upon as an Internet Explore safe guard this Anti Spyware has progressed over the years to block most of the modern day malware. It was initially designed to block ActiveX attacks but now protects all areas of web browsers attacks. This is a good addition to have not least because of it customizable multiple web browser features. In the free version the updates are manual. It does not support all web browsers and in comparison to other Anti-Spyware is left a bit behind. This is more prevention than detection technology.
SpywareBlaster Website


This next generation Anti Spyware often does not get mentioned as much as some of the others and this is unfair not least because it often detects and removes malware that most of the others miss. This software also has an excellent anti rootkit technology. It uses a first chance prevention method on bootup using over 50 key areas of prevention before malware has a chance to infiltrate your system.
SuperAntiSpyware Website

Spyware Doctor:

This starter edition has an impressive looking interface. This was only an anti spyware protection but this version as part of the Google Pack offers anti virus also. It features an InteliGuard that has multiple protection shields but the free edition only uses 2; File and Immunizer Guard. But you can make custom scans of your system.
Google Pack Website

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Now one of the most popular and effective Free Anti Spyware that is on the market. This can give a substantial clean out in less than 8 minutes. This has multiple drives scanning and works well even with multiple applications running. This free version does not have real-time protection but as a freeware this is an excellent anti spyware to run on your machine. This is usually called upon with most of the new fake anti spyware that is hitting the internet today.
MalwareBytes Website Latest Definitions Download