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How To Choose Anti Virus Or Anti Spyware:

There is plenty of Free Anti Virus and Anti Spyware to choose from but which one do you choose? The good news is that most of the free versions can in fact keep you very safe and if you follow this you should stay clean and free.

There is no doubt that the paid for versions have extra protection but if your machine is clean when installing a Free Version, this should do you quite sufficiently.

At the time of writing this the top paid for versions are BitDefender and Kaspersky and have in fact held top spot for the past couple of years.

The old favourites of Norton and Mcafee who had the high-ground for so long, done themselves no favours by totally taking over the operating system they were protecting and slowing them down usually because of the amount of resources they use. This is still mainly the case but they are starting to catch up again.

Then you have the Three A's Avira, Avast and Avg which in fact have all free versions of their package. Avg had been the best of these Free Anti Virus but Avira is really catching up and in fact caught most of FaceBook attacks when all the rest missed them. Avira is becoming a favourite in the Eastern block countries and the East in general and that's a lot of people giving it the thumbs up.

Bitdefender infact has a free Anti Virus version but can be hidden on their site making it difficult to map to the actual download. So watch out for the Free Anti Virus Links

Make A Choice
Option 1:
Use the free trial versions that are offered by all the top brands usually with full functionality. A good start would be Bitdefender or Kaspersky. These would be excellent choices to clean your PC for starters and stay absolutely free. You could use one after the other etc. Then before the trial is up use one of the all year round Free Anti Virus.

Option 2:
Just use one of the Free Anti Virus versions for all year protection, but make sure to use some Free Anti Spyware software as well. To start with to give your machine a good clean you could use a few different ones, e.g. install Free Avira run a scan and clean etc, then uninstall and run Free Avg and so on. After 3 different versions you should have a good clean. Then just choose one to keep on your machine all year round. But chop and change by all means. The same would apply for Free Anti Spyware.

Option 3:
Your just not happy with the versions of Free Anti Virus so you would much prefer to use one of the paid for versions. If this is the case all the paid for versions do give extra features and protection and some peolpe will tell you that they run faster on your machines. The choice is yours.