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Most HTML tags are used to format or manipulate to give an end effect to a webpage that the user never sees. The <div> tag is no different. Like tables you can use these tags to organise specific areas of your webpage. You could use a <div> tag to create an area that is specifically created for the top, bottom or sides of your webpages.

Unlike tables you do not have cells and rows, as they serve their own purpose, but you can put multiple tables inside a division for almost infinite purposes.

Remember you start with <div> and end with </div> tag.

See below in blue for two examples of the <div> tag. One division has a background colour with text and the other has a border around it with text inside it.

Also notice how you align text in one of the divisions and the use of a Hexadecimal number for the colour. These are styles; but if your not ready for this leave them out for another lesson.

<div style="background-color: #00CC00; text-align:center">
  This is text inside a division with a background colour.
<div style="border:1px solid black">
  This is text inside a division with a border.

You could cut a paste this code into notepad etc and save the file as div.html See below for how it should look.

This is text inside a division with a background colour.

This is text inside a division with a border.