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BitDefender Free Edition:
Manually Update: Weekly Updates
Weekly updates is a .exe file and its just a case of running this file to update.

AVG Anti Virus:
Manually Update: Download Updates See Video Tutorial
Save the downloads into a folder (directory) or to Memory Stick etc. In the Avg interface go to Tools, then Update from directory (folder with downloads) e.g. point to the directory that you have saved the downloads in.

Avast Anti Virus:
Manually Update: Download Updates See Video Tutorial
Download Virus database update (VPS); this is an executeable file so its just a case of running the file once downloaded.

Avira Anti-Virus:
Manually Update: Download Updates See Video Tutorial
Save the IVDF zip folder to Memory Stick, desktop etc. Go to update in the user interface and choose manual update. You may have to rename the downloaded zip file to the file that the interface looks for.

Microsoft Essentials:
Manually Update: Download Updates 32 bit --- Download Updates 64 bit
With the application installed you only have to run this executable on the same machine to update.

PC Tools Anti-Virus:
No Manual Updates:
But you can run Smart Update in PC-Tools with an Internet connection. Go To "C:\Program Files\PC Tools AntiVirus" and copy the "Updates" folder to memory stick etc. Then on the PC with no Internet etc; install PC-Tools and overwrite the "Updates" folder with the one you saved to memory stick etc.

ClamWin Anti-Virus:
No Manual Updates:
But if you go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.clamwin\db and copy the files "daily.cld" and "main.cvd" from an updated application to memory stick etc; you can then overwrite this files on some other machine with no internet connection.

Comodo Anti-Virus:

ThreatFire Anti-Virus:

Clam Anti-Virus: