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Free Online Scanners:

Most of the top anti virus companies offer an online security scan and some will detect and delete malware in the same way as the paid for versions. By using these scans you give your machine as good a clean as the full paid for anti virus packages. Most of these free services leave no trace on your computer. Choose different scans to give a thorough clean. Then you could download and install a full Free Anti Virus package; because the scanners do not offer real-time protection.

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Trend House-Call Scanner:

A free online scanner that detects and deletes malware. As with most online scanners each scan uses the latest virus and spyware definitions so your scan and clean is as up to date as possible. It offers and auto clean up but as with any Anti Virus and this goes for the paid for ones also; they can miss some infections so a good idea is to scan using different online scanners.
Trend House Call

BitDefender Scanner:

Detects and deletes and is another reliable online scanner. This gives a very powerful scan and clean, caught plenty that the others missed. As with most of the onlines scanners you will have to have administrator permission. You can right click the browser you are using and use the Run As command.
BitDefender Scanner

Kaspersky Scanner:

This online scanner only detects malware on your machine, but its detection rate is high quality. This like some of the other major online scanners uses ActiveX technology. This is a good tool to possible detect malware that other Anti Virus has missed and make comparisons. With many of the others using detection and deletion this is where Kaspersky’s online scanner falls short.
Kaspersky Scanner

F-Secure Scanner:

F-Secure is around since the late 80’s and has been a front runner in Free Rootkit Removal. Its online scanner has improved from previous versions it now has multiple browser compatibility. This is a detect and delete scanner.
F-Secure Scanner

Eset Scanner:

This is another excellent free online scanner uses ActiveX technology; will also give you a smart download option so as to run without browsers. This is a detect and quarantine scanner and you are given the choice to remove the files it finds as malicious. Some features for you to customize also which is a plus on some of the others. A quick enough scan this is a decent free scanner.
Eset Scanner

Windows Onecare Scanner:

This free service from Microsoft can detect and remove malware and also prides its self on other sides of your system like performance and disk checking. Most online scanners only have one option of scanning but this gives you a quick and full system scan to choose from. Not real time protection but a good powerful scan and clean.
Windows Live Onecare Scanner

Mcafee Scanner:

Detection only scanner that has a good name in virus detection for some time now. This one caused some problems with browser compatibility.
Mcafee Scanner

Panda Scanner:

Free online scanner that Detects and Deletes found problems.
Panda Scanner

Jotti's Malware Scan:

This will scan files that you upload to their server. This scanner uses a combination of all the top anti virus engines to scan your file. There is a maximum file size of 20mb. If you want a file to get the serious once over then look no further. No removal offered though.
Jotti's Malware Scanner