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Rootkit Removal:

The fact of the matter now is that anti virus and anti spyware are increasingly failing to detect and remove malware and this is down to mainly the technology behind ROOTKITS. As each day passes the rootkit technology is advancing to almost becoming the operating system that you are trying to remove it from. The reality is how do you ask the operating system to find itself.

Even with all the necessary knowledge of a rookkit on your system, direct removal would be impractical not least the effort and time it would take from an administrator in comparison to the time to re-install a new operating system. Re-installation now is a lot more attractive with the latest software tools e.g. Ghosting or System Snap-Shots. This is the case even if the rootkit is well known and can be removed completely.

For the ordinary novice there are now lots of free tools offered by Anti Virus and Anti Spyware companies. Some of these tools are only detection and others are detection and removal. The detection only like RootkitRevealer from Microsoft is very powerful but you need to know what you are doing with the results that it creates from a system scan.

Anti Virus and Anti Rootkit scans would have to scan raw (binary) windows files if even they can access them and make true comparisons and mismatches. Most stand-alone Anti Rootkit technology is detect and remove and not real-time protection so its usually ok to run multiple free tools one after the other.

Rootkit Revealer: Free Microsoft Download

Rootkit Revealer compares scan results done at the highest level of a system to the lowest level of the same system.

Highest-Level meaning the most user-friendly interpretation of system functionality or data and Lowest-Level meaning the raw data of the file system e.g. FAT or NTFS. When Rootkit Revealer finds a discrepancy after looking at both ends of the scale it will display a list of these.

Dont panic when you see lots of entries in the list most can be explained; but this is where the rootkit will get found out. Its now a case of interpreting the list.

BlackLight Rootkit Eliminator: Free Anti Rootkit Download  User Guide

F-Secure BlackLight detects files/folders and processes that hide in stealth ways from the user and other programs even anti virus or anti spyware. F-Secure BlackLight does not have product support and is used by them for customer cases. This is an advanced tool so as in all rootkit removal tools you must use with extreme care. A knowledge of the questionable files that show up in all cases is advisable.

A sophisticated discovery tool that will show hidden processes that will not show up in standard windows tools.

Scans, detects and removes hidden rootkits. Not a guarantee to remove all and every rootkit but this free software is a start.

Another free download and no harm to run different anti-rootkits. Maybe uninstalling the last one each time. Avira also uses a rootkit detection and removal in their Avira Free Anti Virus version.

Lavasoft ARIES Rootkit Remover : Free Anti Rootkit Download

Rootkit Remover, to get rid of the rootkit developed for Sony BMG to hide their DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.

AVG Anti-Rootkit, is a stand alone rootkit detector. This old version is still capable of detecting and removing various rootkits. The latest version of AVG Free Anti Virus has an Anti Rootkit engine built in. So if you are looking for an update for this you will be directed to the Free Anti Virus Website. If your on Vista or later it would be best to use the latest version of AVG Free Anti Virus

Panda Antirootkit: Free Download   User Guide

Panda Anti Rootkit is a software that uses the latest technology to detect and remove rootkits..

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