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Step 6: Get Anti- Virus/Spyware  Last Step

Get Anti-Virus/Spyware:

Its always essential to do some basics to your computer to give your PC a better chance of functioning it is still essential that you install some sort of protection. There are a wide range of products out there but you could do alot worse than check out the Free Anti-Virus/Spyware reviews.

Here you can check out FREE ANTI-VIRUS and the FREE ANTI-SPYWARE reviews.

Dont get too bogged down in the reviews because all of them are very capable of doing a good job. Some just vary in different ways but in general they all do the same job.

Also remember that when you are reviewing them that some of the Anti-Viruses also have Anti-Spyware built in. Now that may seem very handy but as you will find in the reviews that some of the stand-alone Anti-Spywares are dealing with spyware problems very well.