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The following are simple steps that could deal with your problems. The steps will be kept short and if you can get through them without needing any other assistance then happy days hopefully. But if you find that on certain steps you cant proceed then use the links inside the steps to hopefully proceed with your individual case.

Please do not be put off by symbols etc that you think may be complicated, just be patient and slowly go through it. It is deceptive but easy. Any one step may possibly solve your problem.

  1. Try System Restore

  2. Disable Start Up Problems

  3. Remove Unwanted Files

  4. Unwanted Programs

  5. Optimize Your Computer

  6. Get Anti-Virus/Spyware

You will need to use an administrator account to perform most of these steps.

In your control panel open your User Accounts and see what users are running on your machine. You most likely are an administrator. If not then the administrator default is Username: administrator and Password: has nothing just leave it blank.

Of course each of these steps can have many pitfalls and in most cases these problems can be solved. These advanced stages will be updated ongoing.