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Warning: Bootable Anti Virus can cause changes because of malware, preventing your operating system from re-starting.
Free BitDefender Rescue CD: Download ISO Image   User Guide

Excellent Boot Disk for running the Bitdefender Anti Virus software. This scans your harddisk using the CD operating system with system RAM. This also has a Rootkit scanner bundled withing this CD. It also will update its virus vault before running the Anti-Virus. Obviously your system must have an Internet Connection, but you can still run the disk without it.

Free Kaspersky Rescue CD: Download ISO Image

Another Excellent Boot Disk for running the Kaspersky Anti Virus software. This scans your harddisk using the CD operating system with system RAM. It does not update its virus vault before running the Anti-Virus though.

Free F-Secure Rescue CD: Download Zip File   Rescue CD User Guide

F-Secure is another Free Bootable Anti Virus. It has been known as a good rootkit detector in the past. The plus with this is you can update the virus vault from a USB stick, this would be handy if you had no Internet connection. As with most of the bootable CDs it uses Knoppix as its direct from CD Operating System.

Avira Anti Virus Rescue System: Download ISO Image

Aviras Rescue CD is another Free Download. The rescue CD download is updated regularly by Avira.

Avg free download is also an iso file that allows bootable software to scan and clean your pc there are other tools with this, i.e. a registry repair tool. Avg also gives you a download for boot from your usb stick. These bootups also scan for Spyware.

Manual Steps To Help Remove VIRUS/SPYWARE>>>