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Alignment Step 1:

There are 4 main alignments you can format with text. LEFT - RIGHT - CENTER - JUSTIFY. By highlighting any amount of text you can then choose one of the alignment options and it will function with the highlighted text.

1:Font-Type 2:Font-Size 3:Make-Text-Bold 4:Make-Text-Italic 5:Underline-Text 6:Left-Align-Text 7:Middle-Align-Text 8:Right-Align-Text 9:Justify-Align-Text

Alignment Step 2:

Open word and in the blank screen just type any text continuously to give yourself a least 3 lines. Now highlight all the text by holding down the left click at the top left side of your text and dragging the mouse to the bottom right of your text and let go on the left click.

Alignment Step 3:

With your text highlighted you can now click on each of the alignment tabs to see the different effects. Notice the left-align is checked here.

JUSTIFY: Is the only confusing tab to use. When you have many lines of text by using JUSTIFY you will make both sides of the text even. Most newpapers use justify with their coloums of text.

Alignment Step 4:

Its important to realise that its only the text you highlight that get aligned to whatever you choose. See below that only the highlighted text has be centered aligned when choosing center-align.

This lesson is about alignment but feel free to practice using the other tools that have been numbered in Step 1: Highlight text each time.