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Step 1: Edit Button has Cut, Copy and Paste.

Step 2: Type some text press Enter and repeat. To highlight text: Left click mouse and hold; drag the mouse from top left to bottom right of text.

Step 3: With text highlighted go to Edit Button and choose Cut. Your text will disappear.

Step 4: Hit the Enter Key to bring cursor down a few lines to where you are going to Paste. Now go to the Edit Button and choose Paste.

Step 5: As you can see your text has been Cut from its original position and has been Pasted to a different position some lines down.

Step 6: Now Lets repeat Step 2 but this time we are going to Copy instead of Cut.

Step 7: Start the cursor at the next line under the last line of text. Go to the Edit Button and choose to Paste.

Step 8: You have created a Copy and kept the original.