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Tabs Step 1:

The standard Tab Tool bar shows in Word by default. Circled in red is the Tab button. By clicking on it you can change Tab to different Tabs. The Tab shown in red is Left-Tab.

To make documents look professional you need to be able to use these tabs. Lets explain Left-Tab. For example you need to create coloums of names and coloums of figures side by side.

We will create 3 coloums: Products, Dates and Prices.

We need 2 Left-Tabs on the Tab Ruler, just left click on the ruler in the position you want the tabs. See picture below. Remember the tab showing on the left is the one that will appear when you click on the ruler.

Starting on the left type Products; on your keyboard look on the left side for the Tab key, it has two arrows going in opposite directions. When you hit this key it will take you to the first tab you created. Type Dates and use the Tab key to go to the next Tab and type Prices.

You can highlight these three headings and choose the Bold Button if you like. When your cursor is at the end of the last tabbed word (flashing vertical line), hit the enter key to go to the next line and start tabbing your next row of words.

Tabs Step 2:

Now do the same thing all over again and this time use the center-tab; see the red arrow below. Its important to notice the difference between the use of the tabs and where you might need them.

Notice below the Decimal-Tab is used and just how useful it is, can be seen below. Practice using all the tabs and get use to using them for more professional documents.